Heartstrings CD

As "Heartstrings" contains my original hospice care playlist, it is a mixture of traditional and contemporary tunes. "Body Music" is a lyrical poem backed by music, and was inspired by the first time I played the folk harp. "Golden Slumbers" is a nugget from one of the Beatles albums, and "This is to Mother You" is an ode to the nurturer within each of us. "Sheebeg Sheemore" and "Trip to Sligo" are classic tunes that shine with the luck 'o the Irish.

This CD is a little less polished than "Goodnight Moon", as my African Grey Parrot decided to sing along with some of the tunes! Interestingly, many people find this makes the CD even more enjoyable to listen to... Contact me if you would like to purchase one or more copies. The price is $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping & handling.


  1. Body Music (Hulley)
  2. Arrhythmic Improv (Hulley)
  3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Traditional)
  4. Golden Slumbers (Lennon/McCartney)
  5. C & G Improv (Hulley)
  6. This is to Mother You (O'Connor)
  7. Sheebeg Sheemore (Traditional)
  8. Rhythmic Improv (Hulley)
  9. Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
  10. Trip to Sligo (Traditional)
  11. C & D Improv (Hulley)
  12. Welsh Tune (Traditional)

What They're Saying

This CD helps me fall asleep when I've had a rough day. I put it on and before I know it I'm out like a light..."

-N. F.