Harp Lessons

Beginning harp lessons are offered that focus on helping the learner to connect with his or her innate love of music. The core premise is that anybody can produce pleasing sounds on the harp while enjoying the process of learning and playing. The fundamentals of harp playing will be covered, including proper fingering, navigating the scale, reading from sheet music or learning by ear, dexterity, tuning the instrument, ergonomics, and playing simple tunes. Basic music theory will be introduced as needed to support the learning process.


In the course of learning to enjoy music-making on the harp, the lessons will also focus on exploratory improvisation. A common myth in playing music is that it is difficult to improvise. I believe that on the contrary it can be relatively easy to have fun and create enjoyable sounds while improvising on the harp. It all comes down to listening to the instrument and having the willingness to explore new frontiers.

What They're Saying

Tim's unique gifts as a teacher have fostered a new awareness which allows me to express music integrating both technique and my own intuitive expression. I've found an inner 'voice' I never knew I had!"

-C. C., harp student