Musical Massage

This is a healing process in which full-spectrum harp sounds are delivered to a client through a sound chair - a comfortable recliner embedded with special vibrating speakers. It is a highly nurturing experience, beginning with a process of discovering which harp tones feel especially good to the client, followed by a 30-minute improvisation involving mainly those tones. Clients commonly express feeling held or "cradled" by the calming vibrations, along with experiencing a general feeling of well being. Each session lasts an hour, including preparation beforehand and debriefing afterward.

Origins of the Practice

These sessions are based on Sarajane Williams' practice of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (VAHT), initiated in Pennsylvania in 1990. She has since worked with hundreds of clients and conducted a variety of research studies.


In a research study I conducted with 10 clients in early 2007, clients' tension levels were reduced by 50% as a result of a musical massage treatment, and their heart rates were lowered by 10%. The clients also reported a variety of emotional responses, including feeling relaxed, peaceful, and rejuvenated. This study is scheduled to be published in the Summer Issue of The Harp Therapy Journal. Many research studies have been conducted on the medicinal effects of VAHT, live harp music, and recorded music (see Sarajane Williams' research page for more details).

What They're Saying

The session was really soothing and nurturing. I felt a sense of confidence in the universe – that everything's going to come out all right."

-M. R., client

The vibration is so palpable that it reminds you that you are more than this body – a comfortable, loving vibration to sink into."

-R. D., client