What is a Folk Harp?

The folk harp is a small harp, usually made of wood. Also known as the Celtic or lever harp, it produces the familiar harp sound - clear, etheric, and long-sustaining - that is reminiscent of angels or the "harmony of the spheres". However, it is smaller and more portable than the type of harp seen in an orchestra, and is often used to play simpler tunes such as folk songs. Folk harps are typically in the range from 22- to 40-strings. Heartstrings Healing services utilize a 36-string folk harp built by Dusty Strings, an acoustic music shop in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

7-Note Musical Scale

The folk harp is built around a 7-note "diatonic" scale, similar to the white keys on a piano. As such, most of the notes on the harp sound consonant when played sequentially or together in a song, improvisation, or glissando. Most folk harps include small levers that are used to create sharps in the scale, and this allows songs to be played in different musical keys.

The whole body is an ear."

-Alfred Tomatis, PhD

I am the rest
between two notes..."

-Rainer Maria Rilke