I have been playing the folk harp for 16 years, and specialize in improvisation and playing music by ear, supplemented by a solid understanding of foundational music theory. I am also adept at playing music that matches the desired mood or ambience of many different situations.


Music for Healing and Transition Program - Earned credential as a Certified Music Practitioner, trained to play live music by the bedside of those who are ill or in transition.
Personal Harp Lessons - Studied with Whidbey Island harpist Mara Gray.
Classes and Workshops - Received training from a variety of internationally-known harpists including: Kim Robertson, Harper Tasche, Sylvia Woods, Grainne Hambly, and Joel Andrews.
Open Ear Center - Educated to provide cross-cultural sound and music to facilitate health and well-being.


Like so many people, I have always loved music. It may have begun when my mother sang Beatles songs to my sister and me before bed, or perhaps it was the folk songs we sang with my father around the campfire. In any case, music has been a big part of my life for more than three decades, from the high school years spent playing the electric bass... to 30 years as an 8-chord rhythm guitarist... to a series of choirs in which I was a member of an increasingly rare breed called the tenor... and finally the past 16 years of playing and enjoying the folk harp. With the harp, I felt that I had finally found a "musical home", a place where I could deepen and develop the skills that had begun with the playing of other instruments.