Volunteering has been a passion for many years, and through a variety of experiences I have gained a deeper appreciation for service, integrity, and collaboration.

Crisis Line

In college, I spent three years answering phone calls for the crisis hotline in Santa Barbara. My next step was supervising the training of volunteers, which was a good way to contribute to the organization while developing a more complete understanding of what it takes to support those in need. I continued this pursuit by volunteering for a year on the crisis line in Seattle, and had the experience of supporting the comparatively more dire concerns of city residents.


I have been volunteering for the Providence Hospice of Seattle since 2003, playing live music for hospice clients, supporting large events, and serving as the resident harpist at Camp Erin in King County from 2003-2006. Camp Erin is a weekend camp that is designed to support children and teenagers who have experienced the death of a loved one. It is named in memory of Erin Metcalf, and was initiated by Erin's parents and the Moyer Foundation in 2002.

Personal Growth

I have also spent several years assisting the production of personal growth programs and events in California and Washington, and have learned a great deal about the nature of service from these experiences.